Take care this holiday season

December 13, 2021

With the end of the year in sight, we want to thank all of the visitors and followers who have supported and engaged with Heart Valve Voice Canada over this past year. From sharing our social media campaigns and news articles to sharing our message with your friends, family and elected leaders, you have helped us improve awareness of heart valve disease and how we can do better in diagnosing and treating it. We are now looking ahead to 2022 and excited about the new ways that we can serve and advocate for those with heart valve disease.

We also want to encourage those of you with heart valve disease to take the time to rest and prioritize your health this holiday season. This year has been full of unexpected situations that have demanded much of our attention and energy and it is important to be mindful of slowing down and “checking in” with yourself. To help you in doing so, we are sharing a few tips for having a happy and healthy December.

Plan Ahead and Take Time to Rest

The holidays are a joyful season that can also be busy, stressful, and difficult for many, so it is important to remember that it’s okay to slow down, resist taking on commitments you don’t have to, and to schedule in time to relax and rest. Even though this time of year will look different than most, there are still pressures associated with the season, such as gift giving or planning small gatherings. Try to find a balance that’s right for you and prioritizes safe and responsible connections with your loved ones, while also taking the time to rest and relax in a way that supports your emotional and mental health. Added stress is never ideal for our health, so be sure to plan time for rejuvenation just as much as other activities.

Monitor Your Health

When the season gets busy, many of our normal routines can fall by the wayside. Tracking and monitoring heart valve disease symptoms is just as important during the holidays as it is any other time of the year. To make this easy and convenient for you, we have a downloadable Symptom Tracker on our website that you can use to pay attention to how you’re feeling. And remember that, even amid the pandemic, it is extremely important to immediately seek medical attention if you notice a change in your symptoms or if they have worsened. As we have shared throughout this year, if your heart says so, just go! Hospitals remain equipped and ready to care for serious and urgent health issues, including cardiac care, in a safe and timely way.

Be Intentional About Your New Year

The holiday season is a great time to clear your mind and create space to think intentionally about the new year so you can begin January with a renewed sense of direction. Maybe this looks like planning daily walks as exercise is a great way to help maintain and protect your health, journaling your experience with heart valve disease, or finding an online community of other patients who can partner with you in your journey. We invite you to visit our Facebook community to connect with other Heart Valve Voice Canada supporters. Whatever you’d like to see yourself strengthen or grow in for the new year, intentionally setting a plan to achieve those things is a great way to set your 2022 off on the right foot.

Thank you again for your continued support. We wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season!


Heart Valve Voice Canada

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