Patient Success Story: Getting Back on Course

April 13, 2018

Peter has been an avid golfer in his retirement years, but after he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis at 74 years old, the symptoms prevented him from playing his beloved sport. You might think heart surgery would have forced Peter to put his clubs away for good, but not for Peter.

He was a perfect candidate for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implementation, or TAVI. The minimally-invasive procedure is an alternative to the traditional open-heart procedure and replaces the aortic valve through a catheter inserted through the groin.

Peter was home from the hospital just 24 hours after undergoing the TAVI heart valve replacement. More importantly, the TAVI procedure had Peter happy, healthy, and back on the golf course again in less than 4 weeks.

Watch Peter’s story here.

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