Hugh MacPhie announced as Heart Valve Voice Canada Chair

September 18, 2023

We are pleased to announce Hugh MacPhie as the new Heart Valve Voice Canada Chair. Having joined the board in 2022 Hugh will build on the board’s mission to grow it's reach and impact.

“We have a superb Board of Directors that includes clinicians and people who have experienced heart valve disease,” explains Hugh. “We are working hard to get the word out through the media, and to raise awareness within governments across Canada.”

Hugh is a highly regarded business strategist, public speaker, and author. He has advised some of Canada’s most successful leaders and organizations, and his expertise in strategic leadership and facilitation is an incredible asset to Heart Valve Voice Canada.

While his background is extensive, Hugh’s message to others is simple.

“Get a stethoscope check from your doctor. Let them know if you have started feeling excessive fatigue, if you find yourself getting short of breath, or are experiencing odd heart rhythms of 'big' heartbeats.

With heart valve disease, sometimes you only know that something is wrong after being told something is wrong - which is why going to the doctor and getting that stethoscope check is so important.”

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