Heart Valve Voice Canada Joins Global Heart Hub

June 1, 2020

Heart Valve Voice (HVV) Canada, along with its Board of Directors, is pleased to announce that it has joined Global Heart Hub (GHH), an alliance of heart patient organizations that aims to create a unified global voice for those living with or affected by heart disease.

The first global non-profit organization of its kind, GHH creates disease-specific alliances, called Global Patient Councils, who work together in their disease areas to address the challenges of cardiovascular disease.

GHH’s mission as an organization is well-aligned with HVV’s and partnering together will help us to better serve Canadian heart valve disease patients. We share the mutual goal of working to raise awareness and understanding of cardiovascular-related diseases by sharing up-to-date information on treatment approaches and guidelines, best practices, and patient experiences.

“Understanding and developing better practices for supporting heart valve disease thrives when there is a global approach and widespread community of professionals,” said Dr. Charles Peniston, HVV Canada Board Chair. “Our new partnership with Global Heart Hub is a significant step for us that will ultimately help us to further empower patients through education, awareness, and providing support for them and their caregivers.”

HVV Canada will benefit from the broad learnings and resources of GHH while being able to tailor that information specifically to heart valve disease patients here in Canada. This will help ensure that we are continually equipped with current, relevant, and important learnings regarding heart valve disease across the world. This partnership will also connect us with global events, initiatives and organizations, enhancing our collaborative efforts and expanding our opportunities to reach heart disease patients.

Alongside GHH and the additional network affiliates we’ve gained, we believe that global action is necessary in order to improve patient outcomes, as well as improve the experiences and lives of their caregivers. We look forward to sharing our insights across our channels and networks as we engage in this partnership.

For more information, contact info@heartvalvevoice.ca or discover Global Heart Hub’s website here: https://globalhearthub.org/.

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