Heart Valve Voice at the Family Medicine Forum

November 12, 2020

HVV participated in the Family Medicine Forum (FMF) conference hosted by The College of Family Physicians of Canada from November 4-7, 2020. The Conference saw 3000+ clinicians and other healthcare professionals attend virtual sessions and exhibitor booths for information sharing, education, and networking purposes.

We were pleased to engage with attendees through our virtual booth, which contained a variety of downloadable resources, as well as interactive polls to help us better understand general awareness of how to diagnose heart valve disease and how frequently visitors are using stethoscope checks in their daily practice.

The results of these polls showed that:

  • 85% of participants knew how to identify and diagnose heart valve disease
  • When asked how often they perform stethoscope checks, 40% said nearly or all visits, 53% said once per every 5-10 visits, and 7% said less than once per 10+ visits

Even while visitors showed being relatively aware of how to diagnose heart valve disease, we continue to notice, through these poll results and our discussions, that the effectiveness and importance of conducting stethoscope checks to detect heart valve disease is a message that needs to be continually shared and reinforced.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of heart valve disease, please listen to your heart and ask your doctor for a stethoscope check.

HVV Canada remains committed to increasing awareness of heart valve disease by encouraging patients to advocate for their health by asking their doctors for stethoscope checks, and likewise, by emphasizing the importance of conducting stethoscope checks and referring patients for further tests by specialists and cardiac care teams when needed.

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