Global Heart Hub Releases Patient Journey Report

December 10, 2020

At Heart Valve Voice Canada, we’re excited to share with you that the Global Heart Hub and The Health Policy Partnership have launched a report, Heart valve disease: working together to create a better patient journey. The report explores what an optimal care pathway looks like for people with heart valve disease across Europe, from awareness to follow-up care. While the report approaches the patient journey with a lens to the specific challenges and needs faced in Europe, many of its findings and applications are applicable to the Canadian landscape. Importantly, the report discusses gaps that exist in care and how best to address them, many of which are also being experienced in Canada.

The topics discussed in the report are an urgent priority: estimates suggest the number of people living with heart valve disease will double by 2040 and triple by 2060. The report was developed under the guidance of an expert advisory group, whose members included patient representatives and healthcare professionals engaged in heart valve disease care across Europe.

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Heart Valve Voice Canada is a member of the Global Heart Hub, an alliance of heart disease patient organizations across the world.

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