Be prepared for your upcoming hospital stay

May 15, 2023

Here are some helpful tips for before and after your treatment:

- Discuss your upcoming treatment with your friends and family;

- Make sure you have help at home for the first week after your treatment;

- Make a list of questions for your health care team that covers issues such as what to expect after the treatment, follow up appointments, time off from work, when and how much you can lift, when you can drive, etc.;

- Have a list of all your medications and ask whether any should be discontinued before/after the treatment;

- Plan meals and snacks for your first week back;

- Prepare clothes for when you come home that will be easy to put on with restricted mobility;

- Think about your space for when you return and what you will need close by;

- Discuss your pain management plan with your doctors;

- Have your list of family and friend contacts in case you need support;

- Accept help; and

- Plan time for rest.

Need help packing? Here is an article to help you be prepared and avoid last minute stress.

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