What is heart valve disease?
November 23, 2021

Heart valve disease results from damage to the valves of the heart. Heart valves have tissue leaflets which open and close with each heartbeat to control the direction and flow of blood through the heart. When the leaflets or associated structures become damaged, or the valve opening becomes compromised, blood flow is restricted, or the valve becomes leaky. This causes strain on the heart as it attempts to compensate.

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Mandy makes the most of her recovery plan
October 18, 2021

More than a year after my valve replacements, I can look back and see how badly affected I was by the heart valve disease without being aware of it. It’s as though I’ve discovered new gears on my bike! I can do so much more exercise now and it no longer wears me out to run errands. I will always be managing a chronic condition alongside the long-term monitoring of my heart valves, but I am excited to see my stamina continuing to improve and feel hopeful about what I will be able to achieve in years to come.

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September 13, 2021

This week is Heart Valve Disease Week, here in Canada and around the globe. It’s a time when we pay particular attention to helping people understand the symptoms and signs of heart valve disease. It’s also an opportunity to share stories of members of this community who have received care and who have become passionate about helping other Canadians realize what to watch for and when to seek care.

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Virtual care up, Stethoscope tests down: Experts concerned about risk of undiagnosed heart valve disease
July 7, 2021

Although many Canadians have been seeing their GPs virtually since March 2020 and intend to continue with virtual care for non-emergency appointments, three-quarters of respondents aged 25 and older to a national survey released today, believe the virtual visit is not as effective as in-person appointments in discovering new or worsening symptoms.

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Heart Valve Replacement During COVID-19: Dave’s Story
June 28, 2021

As a recently retired 62-year-old, Dave was fully engaged in his life but began to notice that he couldn’t “go” like he used to. After mentioning how he was feeling to his doctor, Dave was diagnosed with severe Aortic Stenosis and underwent heart valve replacement at the height of COVID-19. Today, Dave is increasingly 'back to normal' and living a full life!

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Know the Signs and Symptoms of Heart Valve Disease and #StepUp for Your Health
May 17, 2021

Knowing the symptoms of heart valve disease and seeking care when needed is one of the best ways to #StepUp and protect your heart health during the pandemic.

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During the Pandemic Heart Valve Disease Patients Are Encouraged to #JustGo
April 21, 2021

It is important for heart valve disease patients to prioritize their heart health during the pandemic. If you, or your loved one, are experiencing new or worsening symptoms of heart valve disease, don’t delay seeking care - #JustGo to the hospital or emergency department.

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Bryan’s Endocarditis Story
March 17, 2021

Bryan was born with Mitral Valve Prolapse and lived with the condition for many years. Later in life, after four misdiagnoses, he was identified as having infective endocarditis. After having to go on life support, Bryan encourages other patients to never underestimate the importance of early detection.

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Health Canada approves low-risk patients for minimally invasive treatment option
February 22, 2021

Health Canada has recently expanded indication and approval for two transcatheter heart valves for use in a TAVI procedure.

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Progress being made but more needed for heart valve disease patients in Canada
February 22, 2021

During Heart Month and on Valve Disease Day, Heart Valve Voice Canada is pleased to recognize recent advancements in treatment options for Canadian cardiac patients, but remains concerned about the continued delays and difficulties in accessing treatments as a result of the pandemic.

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Patient Story: Getting TAVI Just in Time
February 8, 2021

One of the last procedures completed before COVID-19 prevented them from being performed for period of time, this patient received TAVI and was discharged and home a total of 22 hours after the procedure was completed.

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The Role of Digital Health in Cardiovascular Disease
January 18, 2021

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted an interesting shift in the delivery of patient care: digital health. The significant increase in demand for virtual and/or remote options to receive care and medical support due to limited in-person interactions has shone the spotlight on the need to explore how to properly and most effectively implement this new option.

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Heart Valve Voice Welcomes Ellen Ross as Managing Director
January 18, 2021

Heart Valve Voice Canada is excited to welcome Ellen Ross as Managing Director! This is a new role for HVV Canada that will be the next step in the growth and development of our organization.

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Global Heart Hub Releases Patient Journey Report
December 10, 2020

At Heart Valve Voice Canada, we’re excited to share with you that the Global Heart Hub and The Health Policy Partnership have launched a report, Heart valve disease: working together to create a better patient journey.

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Take Care This Holiday Season
December 7, 2020

With the end of the year in sight, we want to thank all of the visitors and followers who have supported and engaged with Heart Valve Voice Canada over this past year. We also want to encourage those of you with heart valve disease to take the time to rest and prioritize your health this holiday season.

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HVV Canada Pleased by Ontario’s Continued Investment in Cardiac Care; Calling for Government’s Acceptance of Ontario Health’s Recommendation to Broaden Access to Treatment
November 19, 2020

HVV Canada is encouraged by the Government of Ontario’s continued investment in cardiac disease treatments and is now calling on the Province to further its commitment by accepting Ontario Health’s recommendation to publicly fund TAVI in adults with severe Aortic Stenosis who are at low surgical risk.

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Heart Valve Voice at the Family Medicine Forum
November 12, 2020

HVV participated in the Family Medicine Forum (FMF) conference hosted by The College of Family Physicians of Canada from November 4-7, 2020. The Conference saw 3000+ clinicians and other healthcare professionals attend virtual sessions and exhibitor booths for information sharing, education, and networking purposes.

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Patient Success Story: Nancy's Story
November 2, 2020

At age 25, Nancy discovered that she was born with a biscuspid aortic valve. After two decades without incident, sharp chest pain resulted in a trip to the emergency department. After two open heart surgeries, Nancy says that she will never minimize how she's feeling or put off seeking care ever again.

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Learning from the Past as COVID-19 Continues in Canada
November 1, 2020

As COVID-19 case numbers continue to cause uncertainty and changes in Canada, it is important that we apply our learned lessons from the country’s initial response to the pandemic.

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Patient Success Story: An Ironman Comeback
October 2, 2020

Avid cyclist and Ironman participant, Fabio had to take a break from sport because he needed heart surgery due to bicuspid aortic valve stenosis. However, it didn't take him long to get back on the bicycle and back in the race.

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World Heart Day: Listen To Your Heart
September 29, 2020

World Heart Day was created by the World Heart Federation and aims to inform people around the globe about cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.

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Ontario’s COVID-19 Surgery Backlog a Priority for Heart Valve Voice Canada on World Heart Day
September 29, 2020

On World Heart Day, Heart Valve Voice (HVV) Canada is shining a light on the over 148,000 procedures that have been postponed during the pandemic in Ontario alone, and the importance of advocating for your health if you’re experiencing new or worsened symptoms associated with cardiac conditions.

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HVV Canada supports global colleagues with Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week
September 16, 2020

HVV Canada is proudly supporting our global colleagues as Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week takes place in various jurisdictions from September 14-20, 2020.

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Low awareness of serious but treatable heart condition could be putting Canadian lives at risk
September 15, 2020

Survey results published by Global Heart Hub show that older Canadians are as unaware as ever of aortic stenosis, the most common form of heart valve disease. In its most serious form, more than half of patients with severe heart valve disease die within two years of developing symptoms.

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Heart Valve Disease: it’s common and serious, but treatable
September 14, 2020

Read our guest Post from Wil Woan, Chair of the Heart Valve Disease Patient Council with Global Heart Hub, as he discusses the realities of heart valve disease and the importance of Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week.

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Impacts of COVID-19 on Heart Valve Disease Patients: A Clinician’s Perspective
September 2, 2020

Questions answered by Dr. Charles Peniston, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist, Chair of HVV’s Board of Directors.

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Patient Success Story: Bryan's Story
August 28, 2020

Bryan was born with Mitral Valve Prolapse. He didn't experience symptoms until 2014, when an infection of one of his heart valves had serious implications on his health. A year later, Bryan received highly successful heart valve repair surgery. His message to other patients: advocate for your health, take it seriously, and don't wait until it's too late.

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HVV Canada Joins Global Partners for #JustGO Campaign
July 2, 2020

We have joined with our global partners for the #JustGo Campaign, reminding heart patients that if your heart says so, #JustGo to the hospital or your doctor.

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Heart Valve Voice Canada Calls for the Prioritization of Heart Valve Disease Patients as Elective Surgeries Begin to Resume
June 3, 2020

Heart Valve Voice (HVV) Canada, a non-profit patient advocacy organization for those with heart valve disease, urges provincial governments and health care institutions to prioritize the treatment of heart valve disease patients as elective surgeries are reassessed and begin to resume during COVID-19.

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Heart Valve Voice Canada Joins Global Heart Hub
June 1, 2020

Heart Valve Voice (HVV) Canada, along with its Board of Directors, is pleased to announce that it has joined Global Heart Hub (GHH).

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May Update: COVID-19 and Heart Valve Disease
May 1, 2020

We have updated our website with answers to frequently asked questions, additional links and resources to help you stay informed, and access to a symptom tracker if you are awaiting or have recently received heart valve treatment or surgery.

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Heart Valve Disease and COVID-19
March 16, 2020

With the recent developments of COVID-19, Heart Valve Voice Canada and its Board of Directors believe it is important to share information regarding what heart valve disease patients should be aware of during this time.

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Valve Disease Day 2020
February 5, 2020

Heart Valve Voice Canada is proud to be participating in Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on February 22, 2020. After an eventful 2019 for our organization, we’re excited to continue to the momentum as we join with others in the movement to raise awareness of heart valve disease in Canada and across the world.

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MPP Event at Queen’s Park Update
December 13, 2019

HVV Canada hosted a luncheon at the Ontario Legislative Assembly in Toronto on December 2, 2019.

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Complimentary Stethoscope Check Event Update
December 12, 2019

On December 9, 2019, HVV Canada offered complimentary stethoscope checks at the Newmarket Seniors’ Meeting Place in Newmarket, Ontario.

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Upcoming Event: Complimentary Stethoscope Checks in Newmarket, Ontario
November 8, 2019

On December 9, 2019 from 10:00am – 3:30pm, Heart Valve Voice (HVV) Canada will conduct complimentary stethoscope checks at the Newmarket Seniors’ Meeting Place.

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Patient Success Story: John's Story
May 2, 2019

At 54, John found out that he had a severe aortic stenosis and an AAA aneurysm. He decided on a bio-tissue SAVI (Surgical Aortic Valve Implant), and ten weeks post-surgery found himself back at work with a new perspective on life and a new appreciation for what's important in it.

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TAVI Campaign Update
August 21, 2018

We offer a huge shout out to the thousands of Ontarians who added their voice this past Spring to our first digital advocacy campaign focused on improving access to the Transcather Aortic Stenosis Implantation (TAVI) procedure!

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Patient Success Story: Getting Back on Course
April 13, 2018

Peter has been an avid golfer in his retirement years, but after he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis at 74 years old, the symptoms prevented him from playing his beloved sport. You might think heart surgery would have forced Peter to put his clubs away for good, but not for Peter.

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Heart Valve Disease Patients and Caregivers Invited to Share Experiences with Health Quality Ontario
March 13, 2018

Health Quality Ontario, the provincial advisor on the quality of health care in Ontario, is looking to speak with patients and caregivers who’ve had experience with narrowing of the aortic heart valve, or aortic stenosis.

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Heart Valve Voice Canada Launches on Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day
February 22, 2018

Heart Valve Voice Canada is proud to officially join its Heart Valve Voice counterparts around the world to provide a voice to Canadians affected by heart valve disease - and what better day to do so than today, Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day!

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