Heart Valve Voice Canada wants to ensure that both those affected by heart valve disease and those involved in its diagnoses and treatment have access to meaningful resources. These tools are intended to help guide and support patients, caregivers and clinicians in their unique roles and are tailored to meet their specific needs in the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process of heart valve disease.

Symptom Tracker

Our symptom tracker has been developed to
help people who think they may have heart valve disease, or other cardiac conditions, prior to or during consultation periods with their doctor.
It captures symptoms and potential associated factors in a convenient way to help your doctor understand your health and assist with diagnosis.

Download Symptom Tracker
Initial Consultation Guide

This guide will help you prepare for an appointment with your doctor and support an efficient, informative, and helpful consultation.
It outlines the types of questions your doctor may ask you during the consultation. It also provides a list of the most pertinent questions you should ask your doctor during the appointment.

Download Consultation Guide
Heart Sounds

Click the buttons below to listen to what a normal, healthy heartbeat sounds like and compare it to how hearts with different types of heart valve disease sound. Note: the sounds are best heard when using headphones rather than computer or device audio.

Aortic StenosisMitral RegurgitationMild Pulmonary StenosisTricuspid Regurgitation
Clinician Factsheet

This resource provides an overview of key information on heart valve disease specifically for clinicians and healthcare professionals. It briefly discusses signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options to act as a point-of-reference for those who may not interact with heart valve disease cases as frequently.

Research Resources

Canadian Cardiovascular Society National Quality Report: Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

The Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) provides National Quality Reports to support improved quality of cardiovascular care across the health care system using evidenced-based information. In 2016, the CCS released its National Quality Report: Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation describing the quality of TAVI at the national level and demonstrating the feasibility and importance of a collaborative, pan-Canadian effort to improve patient care. We invite patients, families and health care professionals to review this report on the CCS website here.